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BeeBee's are a plastic free, planet friendly alternative to clingfilm. being compostable, they are zero waste, helping to reduce plastic pollution towards a more sustainable life

BeeBee beeswax food wraps store your bread fresher than plastic ever could, slow the browning of your avocados, keep salad fresh for a week, house cheese happily without the nasty sweat and give your fruit, veg and leftovers breathing space!

The breathable seal stops food becoming sweaty, with less moisture your food last longer cutting down on food waste and saving you money.

We stock 3 different packs:

Single - The Single Wrap is 33cm x 33 cm, perfect for smaller wrapping needs.

Trio - The Mixed Pack is the most versatile pack. Inside you will receive 3 wraps of varying sizes perfect for wrapping almost anything: 33 x 33 cm, 26 x 26 cm, 18 x 18 cm

BreadThe Bread Wrap is an extra large wrap measuring 55 cm x 45 cm. Not just perfect for wrapping bread but also housing fresh green salad leaves, covering traybakes and cooled leftovers in the pan.