beeswax wrap (1 large)


Large is good for covering up the cut end of a crusty loaf of bread, multiple sandwiches, or protecting the contents of a larger bowl.

Size: 45 x 37cm


Buzzcloth is a modern take on an old-fashioned idea. By infusing Beeswax into organic cloth, you end up with a yummy smelling, scrunchy cling cloth that moulds, seals and preserves its contents.

Use a beeswax food wrap to preserve cheese, sandwiches and vegetables (or bits of vegetables). Or make a little cup to hold a few grapes, nuts or seeds. Simple twist the top and it's good to go.


Buzzcloth is made of organic cloth, infused with beeswax and other plant extracts. The result is a delightful smelling malleable cling cloth that moulds to the shape of food or bowls.

The wax seals the freshness in, alleviating the need for nasty plastic or foil.


Buzzcloth is a reusable food wrap, and washes like a dish not fabric. Simply rinse or wash in cold water - with or without mild soap - and drip dry. Or towel dry if you're in a rush to re-use. Easy Peasy. No fuss. No waste.

Buzzcloth is NOT suitable for ovens, microwaves or dishwashers. It can handle warm water for washing and could last for a year, even with fairly rough handling.
Please do not use with raw meat or fish.