avoiding waste


  • 10.9 Mt of packaging is used to protect the billions of goods used by UK households and industry* (source: WRAP 2015)

  • 30% of packaging material, by weight, will never be reused or recycled* (source: weforum 2017)

  • Packaging waste accounts for 26% of household rubbish* (source: Charlotte Packaging 2015)

  • The UK exports 67% of it’s plastic to be recycled* (source: Environment Agency 2016)


  • China has closed it’s doors; much of recycling waste is now being dumped or buried abroad
  • the oceans are filling up with plastic; the planet has finite resources


  • recycling is not the solution to our waste problem
  • consumers need options for a less waste lifestyle

buying products without packaging 

  • reduces packaging materials & waste
  • reduces material waste from landfill and incineration
  • reduces in C02 emissions from less packaging

HELP US DIVERT more waste from your home...

REALITY: although we've diverted treble our initial target of 1000 items of waste in 12 months, 3000 items represents less than 1 person's annual waste tally.

Every little waste saving counts - so check what other unpckd goods you could use to avoid waste?

CHALLENGE: can you save 10 waste items this delivery? (top tip: bamboo buds, bamboo towel, bin liners, plasters are all big waste savers!)