our story

the creation of unpckd’s refill delivery service

The inspiration behind unpckd was to create an idea that will help reduce waste but that works for every lifestyle. A milk-man style refill delivery service was the answer. 

“I realised I was trying to serve people like me - people that were full time working parents or individuals that just don’t have time to go to zero waste shops or to refill stores, and  need to be more sustainable in a way that suits them.”  Tracey Banks, Owner

Tracey Banks was a busy mum working full-time who wanted to add something different to the endless cycle of working, school run, chores and cooking. In addition, she was searching for ideas to reduce the waste and plastic her family produced on a daily basis.

Tracey wanted to help tackle the war on waste after getting fed up with constant overflowing recycling bins and constant trips to the charity shop. 

Along with a friend, Tracey set up Less Waste Hitchin, to inspire people to try and make small steps to reduce their recycling each week.  

The idea for a shop then arose. However, Tracey knew any working parent or adult does not have the chance to go to the supermarket during the day, so creating a refill shop where people come and fill up their own containers would not work for the vast number of people who had this busy lifestyle. 

With online delivery services increasing, Tracey decided to launch a refill delivery service, where refillables are delivered in reusable containers, and then sent back to be reused multiple times, was the way forward. 

Many of our daily essentials are not packaged in reusable or recycled packaging. Which is why Tracey wanted to stock and provide refills for the items that we use everyday. That way, reducing waste would increase on the more commonly used products. 

Today, unpckd offers its refill delivery service in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire for families wanting to shop more consciously but still conveniently.

Tracey is committed to Unpckd being a social enterprise to balance the focus on purpose over profit, with running a financially and operationally sustainable business.