our impact

we measure our success by the impact of our refill delivery service on our customers' household waste - the amount diverted from landfill and recycling (or incineration or potential dumping). Measured on every order since we began delivering in 2018, and on a quarterly(ish) basis, we tell you as an individual customer how much you have diverted; and we keep a tally of our collective total.

our 2022 target is to reach 70,000 items of waste diverted - that's an additional 30,000 or 150% on 2021's achievement...nothing like a stretch target & we need your help!

impact as at 21 February 2023

unpckd impact Feb2023

what does this look like?

unpckd impact total Feb2023

unpckd impact basket waste Feb2023

what is the breakdown?

unpckd impact landfill Feb2023


unpckd impact recycling Feb2023

all this impact achieved by customers from

unpckd impact refills delivered Feb23

this is why we do what we do

We only have to look at our impact statistics to see the individual and collective achievements of reducing waste in our homes. In short: less use of resources and less pollution meaning less contribution to climate change - that's why.

at unpckd, we are in no doubt that shopping refills makes a difference. As it becomes a habit, the more you do, the more visible the impact becomes.

we cannot say it enough times - every single item of waste saved makes a difference to a more sustainable future.