1. join unpckd ecosystem @ £10 one-off fee for use of refill containers & doorstep box
  2. choose refill items (minimum of 3) and sustainable goods current refill range: cereal / toppings / juice / pasta / rice / grains / liquids
  3. choose preferred delivery timeslot current delivery day is every 2 weeks on a Sunday to SG4/SG5/SG6/SG16 only
  4. receive first refill delivery in glass jars (if ordered) or returnable cotton bags/ bottles
  5. order more refills as needed order reminders sent out in advance of fortnightly deliveries
  6. receive refills in doorstep box swap empty refill bags and reusable bottles for full ones
  7. notice reduction in waste...the more you refill, the more the habit builds...


  • 1st unpckd refill delivery can be ordered in appropriate sized glass storage containers (which you buy to keep) or as refills for your own containers
  • additional glass storage jars available to buy with any order
  • you only order when you need more refills so you can skip a delivery, we'll keep sending order reminders and will be in touch if you haven't ordered for a while to see if you want to continue
  • the upfront fee of £10 is to join the unpckd circular reuse ecosystem, which covers use of the doorstep box, returnable refill bags and reusable bottles as well as access to the ever-growing unpckd refill ecosystem (returnable to unpckd when you stop refilling with unpckd; charges for lost / damaged containers apply)
  • refill are sold by volume and vary depending on product (calculated refill amount based on recommended serving size per person for 4 person household and estimated servings per fortnight)