our story


unpckd's purpose is to create less everyday waste

tackling the problem of disposable and excessive consumerism, which is contributing to both irreplaceable depletion of natural resources as well as the acceleration of climate change, our vision is to be a driver to a circular world without everyday waste.

unpckd disrupts the way we consume to create less waste.

our mission


to help households create less everyday waste from grocery shopping

unpckd specialises in unpackaged grocery refills and sustainable household goods at affordable prices.

you order on-line, and we deliver diesel free to your front door at a time that works for you.

when you need more, we’ll collect the reusable containers with your next order and together we create less everyday waste.


our promise 


less waste. local as possible. quality. 


our impact

unpckd impact 10 February 2021

our founder

founded by Tracey Banks, a child of the Generation X consumer age and recovering fashion-aholic.

Tracey’s professional experience spans 20+years, across mainly retail and finance industries, from start-ups to large global corporates. Predominantly working in ecommerce and project management software delivery, Tracey has performed roles in sustainability as well as obtaining a Masters from Royal College of Art in Fashion Footwear. 

Tracey is committed to unpckd being a social enterprise to balance the focus on purpose over profit, with running a financially and operationally sustainable business.

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