why unpckd?


unpckd's purpose is to create less everyday waste

tackling the problem of disposable and single-use packaging, which is contributing to both irreplaceable depletion of natural resources as well as the acceleration of climate change.

our vision is a circular world without everyday waste.

unpckd disrupts the way we consume to create less waste.

our mission


to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging waste for everyday families

unpckd is a local online delivery service for package-free refills of dry foods, toiletries and cleaning products.

you order on-line, and we deliver refills in 100% electric to your front door; when you need more, we swap full for empties milkman-style.

our delivery service is an easy and convenient way to reduce packaging from the weekly shop and our products are everyday staples and include familiar supermarket brands.

we don’t have to change what we buy, just the way we shop.


our promise 


less waste. local as possible. quality. time saving.


our impact

unpckd impact August2022

small steps. big impact.

using refills for those daily essentials  that don't need unnecessary packaging will help to make a big difference - and you don't even have to leave your house to do so!

it's often difficult to know how the actions of one individual or household can have any impact on reducing pollution or minimising climate change - but collectively we can.

by choosing to reduce single-use plastic and packaging for many frequently used products in your home, you are choosing to take action and do your bit.


why shop unpckd?



recycling is not the answer to our waste problem


a huge amount of everyday waste goes into landfill because either it doesn't get recycled properly, or the packaging everyday items come in isn’t yet recyclable.

only 9% of plastic has ever been recycled *National Geographic 2017

almost 50% of supermarket packaging isn’t recyclable ** Which? 2021


we offer convenience for busy families


for those of us who want to shop package-free, but can't find time to get to refill stations, we offer a door-to-door service. Rather than using a supermarket delivery service where your shopping comes packaged in plastic, you use our reusable containers and return the empties - to be used again & again & again...we do all the washing and packing for you!


we make your positive impact visible


we put a lot of focus on measuring personal impact to cut unnecessary packaging from everyday shopping - especially single-use plastic. Every month, we'll tell you exactly how much waste you've diverted from landfill or your recycling bin, and celebrate the positive difference unpckd's customers are making, individually and collectively.


we stock essentials families use everyday


many refill services only offer wholefood or organic produce not used in volume or regularly by most everyday families. We pride ourselves in stocking a wide variety of familiar products and brands, from popular breakfast cereals to snack staples and mealtime favourites. Wherever possible and economically viable, we offer organic.