Environmental Life, creators of the 'Mintie' brand, aim to help people to make choices that are kinder to the environment by reducing household waste and the use of plastic and chemicals.

Set up in December 2017 with a desire to reduce the plastic we are using and throwing away each day but also with a need to feel more confident that the food that we eat is stored in a way that reduces our exposure to BPA’s and other associated toxins.

They searched the market and could not really find what they were looking for. They wanted something of a lunchbox solution for children and big kids alike that was well made, durable and didn't break the bank. It should encourage us to make a balanced meal with interesting ingredients and keep them fresh until eaten. 

They are passionate about what they are doing, wanting to provide customers with an honest product, that is safe, reusable, durable, long lasting and has minimal impact on our world. They also rather like tasty lunches and snacks and have a hearty appetite for all things yummy.