meet the team

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our founder, Tracey

 As a startup founder, I have been wearing many hats - delivering, website developing, operations, buying, marketing, finance, impact measuring, events - since I began building and running the business in 2018.

Former eCommerce programme manager turned entrepreneur, my war on waste was triggered by the reality check of the unsustainable level of waste from everyday family life borne out by ever-overflowing recycling bins and the shocking reality that only 9% of it actually gets recycled.

A city-girl at heart, I lived in London until marriage and children drew me to settle in Hitchin. I am delighted to get to spend more time in Cambridge - which is where I grew up - with fond memories of a misspent youth.

 unpckd team

our picker packer, Kirsty

 As Picker Packer, I make sure you get all the refills you order as well as help unpckd be the best it can be with my wealth of experience and ideas.

Although born and bred in Hitchin, I have moved about a lot, living in Cambridge, London, Hong Kong and even the Bahamas!

I owned Halsey's Deli in Hitchin for 10 years and it was there that I became aware of the need for sustainability, trying hard to stock local and seasonal products and practice green and clean working.

interested in joining the team?

 We are currently a team of two - but excited for the day we can expand...get in touch if this would interest you :)