how does it work?

a ‘milkman-style’ service for refills.
see ‘how it works’ page for the details.

how do I order?

online at unpckd.com

do you have a physical store?

we are an online-only store, with pop-up stores to act as delivery collection points

do I need to buy containers or can I use my own?

for your first order of dry goods
we deliver in returnable bags, jars, bottles & tins
if you need food containers, you can add glass jars we sell to your order, to decant refills into at home

for liquid refills
either use from our bottles and return next delivery (yogurt, honey)
decant from our glass into your own bottles (cleaning products)
let us know if you have your own cleaning product bottles you want to refill

do I have to order every week or fortnight?

you only order when you need more refills so you are welcome to skip a delivery, we’ll keep sending order reminders and will be in touch if you haven’t ordered for a while to see if you want to continue and to collect empty unpckd containers

what is the unpckd joining fee?

the upfront fee of £10 is to join the unpckd circular reuse ecosystem, which covers use of the doorstep box, returnable refill bags, bottles, jars & tins as well as access to the ever-growing unpckd refill ecosystem (all refill containers are returnable to unpckd when you stop refilling with unpckd; charges for lost / damaged containers apply)

what are the refill quantities?

refill are sold by volume and vary depending on product (calculated refill amount based on recommended serving size per person for 4 person household and estimated servings per fortnight)


is there a minimum order for delivery?

deliveries are free for orders >£10 - that’s about 4 refills.
collection is free.

where do you deliver to?

currently we deliver to doorsteps in & around
  • Hitchin, Hertfordshire with SG4, SG5, SG6 postcodes.
  • East Bedfordshire with SG5, SG15, SG16, SG17, SG18 postcodes
  • Cambridge with CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, CB5 postcodes
however if you are very close by, get in touch & we’ll try to reach you.
if you are not in our current delivery area - we will do our very best to get to you soon & will keep you posted! 

when do you deliver?

current delivery schedule:
  • Hitchin on Sunday (weekly) and Monday (fortnightly) between 7pm - 9pm
  • East Beds on Monday (fortnightly) between 7pm - 9pm
  • Cambridge on Friday (fortnightly) between 9am - 12pm
also see 'delivery schedule' page

    how do I choose delivery day and time?

    you are asked to choose either delivery or collection as well as time slot on your delivery order page ahead of checkout

    do I have to be in to receive a delivery?

    no - in true ‘milkman-style’, you leave out your empties and we leave your delivery box on your doorstep

    click and collect

    (N.B. currently suspended due to COVID-19)

    is there a minimum order for collection?

    no - collection is free

    where are the collection points?

    unpckd Hitchin: 18 West Hill, Hitchin, SG5 2HZ

    when can i collect?

    unpckd Hitchin: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm

    where do I choose collection day and time?

    you are asked to choose either delivery or collection as well as time slot on your delivery order page ahead of checkout

    can I bring use my own containers for refills?

    you are welcome to bring in empty containers for us to fill with your refills - you just need to remember to bring them to the collection point in advance of collection day.  

    COVID-19 update & special measures

    zero contact deliveries only / collections suspended

    updated: 28/03/20

    first and foremost, unpckd wishes you and yours well - hoping that you are able to remain healthy and positive.

    we wanted to give you an update on how the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting unpckd; and what existing and special measures we have in place to protect our customers and our staff.


    we currently still have access to supplies across the range and are able to restock weekly.

    out of stock items are due to an increase in demand inbetween deliveries.

    we will be adding 'Back in Stock' updates to the newsletter and order reminders.


    business as usual for the time being for delivery to all locations.

    as a doorstep delivery service, we are in a position to be able to implement zero contact deliveries and keep serving customers.

    if you are happy to open the door for a delivery, we will use the 2m rule to keep safe by standing back and allowing you to collect the delivery box; and vice versa for us to collect empties.

    as many customers already do, we can also operate without any contact - you leave your empties out on your doorstep at your designated delivery slot which we collect whilst leaving your doorstep box of refills for you to retrieve at your convenience - milkman-style.

    deliveries will only be cancelled in the event of illness or self isolation in the unpckd delivery team - this will be communicated and orders refunded.

    collections from unpckd HQ:

    suspended until further notice

    refill containers:

    adhering to processes in place to ensure all containers are washed/dried to effectively sterilise from any contaminants.

    then handled with measures to avoid contact and contamination.

    packing refills:

    adhering to processes in place to avoid contact and contamination using protective clothing and gloves.

    self-isolating customers:

    we welcome delivery orders from self-isolating households, since the unpckd delivery service is perfectly suited for 'no contact' grocery shopping.

    we would ask that you identify your situation to us by adding a note to your order indicating that you are self-isolating - we then know just to knock and leave delivery on your doorstep.

    still can't find what you're looking for?

    head to our contact page