zero contact deliveries only / collections suspended

updated: 28/03/20

first and foremost, unpckd wishes you and yours well - hoping that you are able to remain healthy and positive.

we wanted to give you an update on how the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting unpckd; and what existing and special measures we have in place to protect our customers and our staff.

  • we currently still have access to supplies across the range and are able to restock weekly.
  • out of stock items are due to an increase in demand inbetween deliveries.
  • we will be adding 'Back in Stock' updates to the newsletter and order reminders.

  • business as usual for the time being for delivery to all locations.
  • as a doorstep delivery service, we are in a position to be able to implement zero contact deliveries and keep serving customers.
  • if you are happy to open the door for a delivery, we will use the 2m rule to keep safe by standing back and allowing you to collect the delivery box; and vice versa for us to collect empties.
  • as many customers already do, we can also operate without any contact - you leave your empties out on your doorstep at your designated delivery slot which we collect whilst leaving your doorstep box of refills for you to retrieve at your convenience - milkman-style.
  • deliveries will only be cancelled in the event of illness or self isolation in the unpckd delivery team - this will be communicated and orders refunded.

  • Suspended until further notice

  • adhering to processes in place to ensure all containers are washed/dried to effectively sterilise from any contaminants.
  • then handled with measures to avoid contact and contamination.

  • adhering to processes in place to avoid contact and contamination using protective clothing and gloves.

  • we welcome delivery orders from self-isolating households, since the unpckd delivery service is perfectly suited for 'no contact' grocery shopping.
  • we would ask that you identify your situation to us by adding a note to your order indicating that you are self-isolating - we then know just to knock and leave delivery on your doorstep.

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