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These 100% Biomass Firelighters are environmentally safe fire starting cubes made from FSC wood and vegetable oil.


Firelighters: FSC-certified wood from responsibly managed forests, 100% certified biobased material, 100% non-GMO vegetable oil, 100% renewable resources

Box: Unbleached cardboard from FSC-certified forests, 100% non-toxic inks and glues


Perfect for:

  • Wood burning fireplaces
  • Charcoal burning grills
  • Wood burning stoves / ovens
  • Campfires / outdoor fire pits


Burn for 8-10 minutes each; first 5 minutes produces the strongest flame


Extremely stable, long shelf life

Do not dry out or lose firepower evening after opening

No unpleasant smells

Not oily or greasy

Non-explosive, non-toxic

Can be stored in proximity to food


Box - recycle cardboard