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This sustainable bamboo natural toothbrush does not just look great, it's also a great choice for reducing your plastic consumption. the medium-soft bristles are the perfect mix for a thorough cleaning of the teeth and the protection of your gums. 

the bristles of our Hydrophil toothbrushes are made of bio-plastics, which are made from castor oil.

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hydrophil bamboo toothbrushes

The handle is made of particularly fast growing Moso bamboo and is biodegradable. The tip is coloured with solvent-free dyed for damp protection and easy identifcation.

The bristles are bio-based made from castor oil and BPA free. Bio-plastics require much less time to degrade than plastics based on crude oil.

The packaging is plastic-free, in beautiful recycled cardboard.

Use: We suggest using toothbrush with toothpaste tabs. After each use, dry both the bristles and handle with a towel. This important step will make your brush last longer.

Store: Place the toothbrush in a ceramic toothbrush stand to fully dry in between uses. If using a cup ensure it is vented to prevent the handle getting moist and going dark from it sitting in pool of water.

Disposal: Whilst the bristles are bio-based, they recommend disposing of the bristles in residual waste, as the bio-plastic bristles would still take several decades to decompose in nature. Even industrial composting plants do not process the organic waste long enough to decompose bio-plastics. The great advantage of bio-plastics over conventional plastics is therefore not their degradability, but rather the fact that they only use renewable raw materials.

Fairtrade; Cruelty Free; Vegan; Water Neutral