spotlight on CRACKERS

Christmas crackers are almost obligatory around the table at Christmas time, but could this (wasteful) tradition be on its way out? More than 150 million crackers are pulled each festive season, but they have recently come under the spotlight for the fact that they often contain plastic toys that are thrown away (along with the remains of the pulled cracker) almost immediately afterwards.

spotlight on WRAPPING PAPER

Consumers in the UK will use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year – most of this will end up in our bins. It’s hard for most to imagine a gift without its decorative paper casing, despite the persuasive environmental arguments against wrapping paper. So why do we wrap and what are the alternatives?

if not plastic, what's the alternative?

The news is all about supermarkets switching their packaging away from plastic...but what are these other materials, how do they differ and how do we dispose of them? Are you trying to make more sustainable choices when you shop, but so confused by all the terminology that is thrown about to try to convince you something is 'green'? You are not alone...

it's the most wasteful time of the year...

Christmas adverts are out…Edgar, Kevin, Olaf…excessively expensive commercials to tempt us the Christmas consumer in all of us It’s the most wonderful wasteful time of the year…we generate about 30 per cent more waste over the holidays, throwing away more than 100 million black bags to landfill, putting toxins into...

spotlight on PAPER TOWEL

some swaps are easy but some habits are harder to break than others...when it comes to creating less waste in the kitchen, paper towels are our nation's favourite convenience. But this convenience comes at an environmental price.