Start using a REUSABLE CUP or BOTTLE

Start using a REUSABLE CUP or BOTTLE

Tracey Banks

On the first National Refill Day, here at unpckd, we reminded ourselves of the scale of the problem driving the call for using refillables and ditching disposables.

Take single-use plastic bottles.

Estimated that Britons use 7.7 billion a year.

Approximately 1 day of use.

More than 450 years to decompose.

Around 55% recycled.

That’s 3,465,000,000 wasted every year.

That’s a big number.

The numbers speak for themselves. If you’re not already, start using a reusable cup or bottle.

Every one bottle counts.

That’s why unpckd with local community group Less Waste Hitchin set this as Challenge #1 to the people of Hitchin for Zero Waste Weeks’ September Less Waste Challenge.

Getting a reusable bottle can even get you free water when you are out and about - using nationwide ‘Refill’ stations.

Start using your local 'REFILL' stations on your high street to top up your water bottles for free.

Here in Hitchin, Refill stations were championed by Clean Up Hitchin.

Go to to download the app to find refill stations near you. Over 12,000 businesses involved, keeping Britain hydrated and free of plastic pollution. Over 26,000 plastic bottles saved so far.

Let’s waste less! Let’s refill more.

*Numbers are estimates from various sources on the internet and have not been validated as accurate - being used to give an indicative sense of scale.

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