unpckd creates less everyday waste

unpckd creates less everyday waste

Tracey Banks

unpicking unpckd: a considered and consistent new identity

we’re excited to share unpckd’s rebrand!

It’s part of our evolution as a small social enterprise, in trying to find the right words and look to express ourselves, as well as consistently and clearly explain what we do and why.

The name ‘unpckd’ had already been well considered at the start – in a nutshell the business was conceived to unpack problems, unpick systems and, in practical terms, deliver unpackaged food. The name is a goodun’ and a keeper.

The ‘out of the box’ logo was a first attempt to visually describe our approach; it seemed fitting to the business name, and was quickly adopted without much deeper thought.

Almost 2 years on, and after many subtly different attempts to encapsulate the business succinctly in any number of words, we’ve spent time (with the amazing Scott & Olivia at Champion Agency) unpicking unpckd to find the right key words and the right visual identity for the brand we have become.


the problem

problem every day waste

we’re tackling the problem of disposable and excessive consumerism, which is contributing to both irreplaceable depletion of natural resources as well as the acceleration of climate change

to fulfill the needs of global consumerism, we are taking more materials from the planet than it can regenerate, causing irreversible damage to the balance and biodiversity of the natural environment needed to sustain life as we know it.

at the current rate of consumption, by 2030, we will need 2 planet earths to meet our material demands.


our vision

unpckd logo 1 vision

our vision is to be a driver to a circular world without everyday waste.

a circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

our society has evolved a linear ‘wasteful’ system of take-make-waste; a circular ‘waste-free’ system keeps materials within a make-use-reuse-remake-recycle loop, for the benefit everyone within the limits of our planet.


our purpose

unpckd logo 3 purpose

our purpose is to create less everyday waste

in order to have a material impact on the waste 'problem', we need to think smart as well as big:

  • what should an individual be responsible for?
  • what can an individual reasonably achieve?
  • what collective action can have a significant impact?

whilst ‘zero waste’ is the ideal, ‘less everyday waste’ is achievable.

less everyday waste is the responsible action everyone can take every day.


our mission

unpckd logo 2 mission

our mission is to disrupt the way we consume to create less everyday waste

we are active warriors in all aspects of everyday waste that contributes to our impact on our planet: namely, our individual carbon footprint.

you can rely on us to be continually addressing, seeking & informing on ideas about less wasteful ways of consuming within our individual carbon budgets for:

  • food & drink
  • fashion & lifestyle
  • travel & transport
  • home & energy


how it works

unpckd how it works

order | deliver | decant | return

making it clear and keeping it simple.


why use unpckd

why use unpckd

unpckd specialises in unpackaged grocery refills and sustainable household goods at affordable prices.

we are focused on removing barriers that exist to getting the many (rather than the few) refill shopping without packaging:

  • easy access
  • convenient availability
  • acceptable price
  • familiar product range
  • straight-forward adoptable process
  • clear & compelling impact results

    you order on-line, and we deliver diesel free to your front door at a time that works for you.

    bringing an old-fashioned way of shopping into the 21st century by using technology to:

    • improve access
    • save time
    • offer convenience
    • reduce environmental impact

      when you need more, we’ll collect the reusable containers with your next order and together we create less everyday waste.

      our delivery system is circular, using refillable, reusable,returnable  containers:

      • GOTS organic cotton bags
      • glass bottles & jars
      • aluminium tins

        we are proud of our circular supply chain with local supplier of juice and plant mylk, Sun & Moon Juice, which mimics our circular supply for our customers - exemplifying our vision of the future for a circular model with suppliers as well as customers.

        so tell us what you think!? we hope that you like it as much as we do :)

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