TOP BLOGS to inspire green micro-resolutions for 2021

TOP BLOGS to inspire green micro-resolutions for 2021

Tracey Banks

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pebble magazine is an eco lifestyle magazine that inspires and informs you all about everything you need to crack on being more circular, less wasteful, more ethical, less plastic and so on. It's also about communities, with a Facebook community, the pebble pod, as the place to ask questions, share tips, eco-wins, new brands and anything else you love to talk about. Georgina Wilson-Powell, the mind behind pebble, helps its readers ‘read the change’ in the air, whether concerning sustainable design, ethical fashion, eco-travel or slow food.

Moral Fibres set up by author Wendy Graham in 2013 to prove how living a greener life can be easy, affordable, and stylish. This helpful website offers top tips for sustainability, covering topics such as food and drink, home and garden, families, travel, and general lifestyle. 

Sustainable(ish), a guide to sustainable living created by Jen Gale for working out what works for you and your family: the small tweaks and changes that create change and make a difference. As a writer, speaker and podcaster, Jen is all about providing practical inspiration. She recently launched a six-week online course for the “eco anxious” with guided online support through the changes required to become more sustainable.

Ethical Hour, founded by Sian Conway, shares her passion for sustainability on the #EthicalHour blog, hoping to contribute to building ‘a future where business is a powerful force for good’. Split into sections on Ethical Business, Ethical Living and Sustainability, content aims to ‘start conversations that matter – making ethical and sustainable living easier and more accessible.


Inside Track by Think Tank Green Alliance has the goods on all things green across the globe, being dedicated to ensuring UK political leaders are delivering solutions to environmental issues worldwide. Inside Track is where you’ll find debate and political opinion as well as updates on what’s developing when it comes to policy, plastic and renewable energy.


The Earthbound Report's Jeremy Williams reports on the developed and undeveloped world. The blog covers a variety of subjects for earthbound folks who want to make the world a better place for everyone living here – recent posts focus on low carbon greenhouse farming, recyclable solar panels, rebuilding reefs and turning coal mines into energy storage, and lessons learned during lockdown.



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