Tracey Banks

Less Waste Challenge 2 swaps

If you’re on a less waste journey, focusing on one room at a time is a good strategy. Small changes, one by one, replacing disposables for reusables and more sustainable alternatives when the disposable one is disposed of. The next purchase decision should be with the end of life in mind - to get something that that has a long reusable life AND does not end up in landfill forever.

Washing up brushes, sponges, cling film, paper towel...Non-recyclable plastic and paper*, it’s disposable heaven in the kitchen - so a good place to start with the less waste swaps. (*unless it’s compostable, once it has food on it, ‘contaminated’ paper won’t be recycled.)

Good news is there’s lots of sustainable alternatives available.

Take dish brushes & look no further than what nature can provide 👉🏻 loofah, coconut husk, copper, horse hair.

Very pleased with my now complete compliment of sustainable washing up accessories.

Can honestly say that they do the job as good if not better than their plastic predecessors.

My favourite is the loofah sponge - more abrasive than a synthetic sponge without the scratch of the metal scourer.

A natural revolution & a whole new washing up experience!

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