finding top eco-friendly and best sustainable holidays

finding top eco-friendly and best sustainable holidays

Tracey Banks

want to make your next trip eco-conscious but don't know what that really means, what to look for, where to find them and whether they are any good?

we can help explain what you should be looking for and we've done some looking around to help you get started with options, ideas and inspiration.

when is a holiday eco-friendly or sustainable anyway?

Eco-friendly holidays mean:

  • travelling the most efficient way while minimising carbon emissions
  • minimising harm to the environment during stay at accommodation and activities at destination

Sustainable travel means:

  • eco-friendly (as above) plus
  • contributing to the local community by supporting smaller local business
  • being respectful of local cultures and supporting them through cultural projects

what to look for

Eco-friendly accommodation means that the accommodation has made environmental changes to its structure so it has the least amount of impact on the environment. Look for businesses that are carbon neutral, value the local community and environment, utilize green energy sources, and implement recycling and linen reuse initiatives (just to name a few). A Green Key certified accommodation is a good one to book.

Sustainable travel, eco tourism, responsible travel and green travel...these are other terms used to describe more broadly the idea of being more conscious of how we travel i.e. minimising the negative impacts on the environment and aiming for a positive impact on local communities and economies.

Before you go, ask your travel/accommodation provider about the company’s environmental and responsible tourism policies – support those who support responsible tourism. Ask about their sustainability practices – do they compost? Recycle? Have fair labour laws? Have an environmental policy?

where to find the good ones

We've rounded up some great resources that have recommendations for eco-friendly accommodation and sustainable destinations in UK, in Europe and across the globe (if you can justify/offset the impact of getting there - but that's a whole other debate!)


Top 5 eco-friendly holiday options in UK (OVO Energy) - sustainable staycation options in UK

Top 20 eco-friendly places to stay around the UK with kids (Take The Family) - county by county environmentally & family friendly holidays and breaks around UK


20 best sustainable holidays in Europe (The Guardian) - green getaways in vintage mountain trains, electric road trips, solar-powered yachts amongst other eco things

20 best sustainable family holidays in Europe by train (The Guardian) - sustainable places to stay by train, ferry or bus


20 top sustainable destinations (CN Traveller) - destinations setting new benchmarks in environmental holidays for the conscious traveller

don't forget to do your own bit by planning ahead of your holiday about making less waste and leaving no trace :)

enjoy your eco-getaways and sustainable adventures!


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