plastic-free natural shampoo: bar or liquid, which works best?

plastic-free natural shampoo: bar or liquid, which works best?

Kirsty French

We all know that putting synthetic ingredients in our hair can't be good, but when considering the natural alternatives, which works best - the solid bar or liquid?

the same but different

The answer is that, in whatever guise - whether that's liquid or solid bar - plastic-free natural shampoo works differently to the bottled shampoo from the familiar brands that we are all used to. For plastic-free natural shampoo to work in anyone's hair, success relies on taking time to understand why and how it's different, committing to time to make the transition and allowing your hair to adjust to life without plastics and artificial chemicals.

know your plastics, chemicals, synthetics

Making a change to your daily beauty regime can be daunting. Most of us will have been using the same products for years without thinking anything of it, just that it works. But it’s time to read the label on the back and get rid of all those chemicals hidden inside the pretty packaging and being washed down our drains into rivers and seas.

Reading labels is important when switching to natural shampoo. Look for products that are made from natural ingredients. Try to look for a minimal ingredient list with items that aren’t impossible to pronounce! The three big hitters that should be avoided are parabens, phthalates and SLES.

Parabens act as a preservative, stopping the shampoo from ‘going off’ and phthalates is a gelling agent which eases spreadability, and keeps the fragrance going strong. Innovations in natural preservatives and fragrances eliminate the need for these ingredients.

SLES are foaming agents that are to be avoided too. They are added to hair products to increase the lather but are known to strip your hair of its natural oil.

give natural a chance

Still not convinced? Think about the all additional additives that must go into the shelf shampoos that cater for fine, frizzy, dry or oily hair on top of the preservatives, gelling agents and foaming agents and that's a whole load of synthetic stuff you're putting into your hair...the reason natural shampoos get a bad wrap is because initially when you switch, your scalp goes into overdrive replacing the natural oils stripped out by synthetic shampoo previously coating your hair in plastic.

Decided to have a go at making the switch? We have tips on how to get started and what to expect; as well as a range of plastic free natural shampoo - packaging-free and plastic-free, so that's no plastic on the inside and outside.

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