Tracey Banks
Let’s pick ‘Make Your Own’; Let’s talk Less Waste Bread 🍞

Bread packaging waste facts: between about 9 and 12 million wrapped loaves are sold in the UK every day
= nearly 4.5 billion plastic bread bags disposed of every year
= an estimated 10,700 tonnes of hard-to-recycle plastic wasted by UK bakeries each year, which is the equivalent weight of 60 blue whales....

I set myself the Less Waste Bread challenge as I find it impossible to buy gluten-free bread package free.

Whilst there’s been immediate success with the ‘normal’ bread with the out-of-the-box bread maker recipe; less success with the ‘gluten-free’ attempts (even the Doves Farm GF bread maker recipe)

It is easy (thanks to bread maker) and nothing beats the taste and aroma that fills the house...Not completely eliminated bread bag waste as bread making not yet habitual but can certainly see it heading that way with a bit more forward planning. Thinking Fridays & Tuesdays as bread maker nights...😋
Then there’s the other waste:
🍞 an estimated 44% of all bread is thrown away because people do not get around to using it in time and worry it is stale...but that’s a whole other topic!

Great less waste bread initiatives found along the way:
- Toast Ale uses bread that would otherwise go to waste to brew beer
- Gails Bakery's waste bread – the UK’s first loaf made from leftover bread

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