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Less Waste Challenge 3 share...bathroom swaps

With a goal of replacing household disposables with more reusable & sustainable products, we’ve found it useful to break down the whole challenge into more manageable focus areas to be tackled one at a time - bit by bit.

The bathroom tends to be product-central, which means lots of plastic bottles and plastic accessories, which means lots of stuff destined for (at best) recycling or (most likely) landfill.

As opposed to kitchen, bathroom swaps tend to be more challenging as products are far more personal and specific to preference/need - sustainable alternatives don’t necessarily replace like-for-like and (suitable) replacement hard to come by.

There are some staples that have easy swaps though:
✔️ bamboo toothbrushes (most still have nylon bristles that need removing before composting)
✔️ solid soap for showering/bathing/hair washing & conditioning (putting in a soap pouch is handy for using even when it gets really small & for getting a lather)
✔️ bamboo toilet paper (bamboo is a fast growing plant needing very little water to grow & without pesticides - meaning more sustainable than using tree paper plus bamboo toilet paper is chlorine free)

There are lots of brands selling all of the above - the challenge I found was buying them locally, without the added waste of delivery & associated packaging.

Exactly this was a driving factor for starting unpckd - to make these amazing alternative sustainable products available to the local market, at affordable prices (and importantly, without any additional packaging waste)

the teeth kit
👉🏻 Bamboo toothbrush (with plant-based bristles) by hydrophil

👉🏻 English peppermint tooth powder by georganics (approved by junior unpckd team)
👉🏻 Cardamon silk dental floss by georganics

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