how to make the switch to plastic-free natural shampoo

how to make the switch to plastic-free natural shampoo

Tracey Banks

so, you're convinced about the merits of going plastic-free with your shampoo and decided to make the switch to either a solid bar or liquid?

here's 3 simple steps to get started and what to expect:

1. get rid of your hair's plastic coating from synthetic shampoos

Before you begin, a good tip is to mix a few teaspoons of baking soda with a pint of water and pour onto your scalp while scrubbing it in. This mixture will unclog the pores that have been coated in silicone and synthetic waxes, allowing them to breathe and release the natural sebum.

2. follow with your first natural product hair wash

Using 100% natural products will at first make your hair feel different. It will feel oilier and heavier than normal but this is due to your body telling your scalp it needs to replace the oils that the conventional shampoos have stripped it of and will balance itself out after a few days.

Look for shampoos that have coconut oil and aloe vera in the ingredients as they stimulate hair growth and they moisturise the scalp effectively. Opt for shea butter for shininess.

3. periodically blitz residue and rebalance your scalp's pH level

If your hair still feels a little waxy and oily after a while, apply an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse. Add 2-4 tablespoons of ACV to a cup of cool water. You can experiment with more or less ACV to suit your hair type – dry hair likes less and oily hair more. Once you have washed your hair with your natural shampoo pour the mix over your hair, massage into your hair and scalp the leave to sit for a few minutes.

Rinse with cool water. ACV protects the outer layer of the hair and closes the cuticles, which gives the hair its natural shine. This is recommended once every two weeks.

If you want your hair to really shine then you can use the ACV mix in a spray bottle, spraying onto the hair after washing as normal and leave it to sit. Rinse after a couple of minutes and you’ll have beautiful glossy locks in no time!

tips for success using shampoo bars

When using the shampoo bars add water to create a good lather. Make sure your hair is soaking and add a little bit of water when you feel the need to lather up a bit more.

Rinse and repeat. The second wash creates a better lather and can leave the hair feeling cleaner, softer and shinier.

more than a scent, you get the plant's natural benefits

The beauty of natural shampoos is that you not only get a wide variety of natural fragrances but you also benefit from the amazing properties of the fragrant plant itself - as the shampoos don't just use the essence, but the essential oils.

So when selecting a natural shampoo, choose ones with ingredients to suit your hair type - equally you can buy the pure essential oils and add a few drops to your ACV spray to make it smell less vinegar and get the added plant benefits :)

for hair growth

Vitamin E – full of antioxidants and promotes healthy hair growth

Lavender – moisturises and balances sebum production

Rosemary – packed with antioxidants and stimulates hair follicles

Thyme – increased the blood flow to the scalp and rejunvenates hair follicles

Cyprus – improves blood circulation and stimulates hair follicles for optimal hair growth

for dry and damaged hair

Lavender – moisturises and balances sebum production

Almond – soothes and moisturises

Cedarwood – stimulates hair follicles

Geranium- strengthens hair

Jojoba oil – moisturises and adds nutrients

Sandalwood – helps with dry ends

for oily hair

Basil – promotes hair growth and improves blood circulation

Lemon – helps balance natural oil production, adds shine

Lemongrass – balances oil production and strengthens hair follicles

Rosemary – balances sebum production and stimulates hair growth

for dandruff and itchy scalps

Lavender – moisturises and balances sebum production

Ylang ylang – antiseptic, soothes and conditions

Thyme – antiseptic, rejuvenates hair follicles

Tea tree – soothes and moisturises and relieves itchiness

Rosemary – clears pores and helps prevent itchy scalps

Patchouli – anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties

for blonde hair

Lemon – adds a natural shine

Chamomile – brightens and highlights

be strong and brave - don't give up too soon

For some people the transition can take longer than others but the key is not to give up! If you go back to conventional shampoo you will have to start all over again – (those with long hair, embrace the plait!)

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