Are you aware what mark you are having on the Earth?

Are you aware what mark you are having on the Earth?

Tracey Banks

Today is 2018’s Earth Overshoot Day - the calculated illustrative calendar date on which our resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year.

We use nature’s resources to build cities and roads, to provide food and create products.

Since the early 1970s, our consumption began outstripping what the planet could reproduce, and at an increasing rate every year.

According to calculations, in 2018, our demand is now equivalent to that of more than 1.7 Earths’ worth of resources. But we only have 1.
ACTION NEEDED: There are positive signs that we can still reverse the trend.

(The experts at Global Footprint Network’s have lots of ideas how you can make a difference.)

In short, to reduce your ecological footprint, take action on:
1. Daily Transport - use less petrol/diesel & car share; use public transport / pedal power
2. Food - less meat; more veggies / plant power
3. Travel - less flights / pick fuel-efficient airlines; stay & eat local to destination
5. Energy - use renewable / green energy suppliers
4. Waste - less waste; move to Circular Economy

I took the quiz to find out the impact of my household’s consumption. Result wasn’t good 👉🏻

Now, I thought I was a fairly conscious & responsible citizen but this has made me realise about some of the bigger changes we need to make as a household - starting with going 100% green energy.

unpckd's purpose is completely aligned to that of this event: to save the planet for generations to come through less waste.

Let’s not waste the planet’s resources. Let’s use individual positive actions to influence a collective movement towards a more sustainable and circular lifestyle. And save our planet.

Let’s move the date (forwards in the right direction...)


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