9 top tips for a post-lockdown greener get-away

9 top tips for a post-lockdown greener get-away

Kirsty French

"make less waste & leave no trace" when you holiday

many of us have had the time and inclination over this looooooong past year to change our habits regarding recycling, going plastic free, trying out homemade cleaning recipes etc.. This is all well and good/easy in our own homes but does it have to be difficult when we travel? Not at all!

after lockdown since who-knows-when, it's incredible news that from 17th May we can not only hug our friends and family but also visit their homes and not just their gardens! We are even allowed to have a sleep over! This extends to over-night stays/weekends/weeks at a hotel or a self-catering cottage for a well needed holiday, even those abroad.

here are 9 top tips for a post-lockdown greener get-away, to help you holiday with less waste.

before you go:

1. use up what's in your fridge

check your fridge and make up snacks and meals for the journey to your destination using as much as you can from your own cupboards. What you can’t take with you freeze or gift it to your lovely neighbours (carefully dropping the date of your return into the conversation, in the hope they might return the favour…)

2. pack light 

do not look at your cupboards and think that you need a whole new summer wardrobe. You don’t. We always pack too much and don’t wear half of it. Lighten your load and the car or aeroplane you’re travelling in. Buy second hand and even borrow!

3. take cupboard basics

in that space you have created by removing the third sarong and sixth pair of flip flops, fill up with real cupboard essentials. When we go self-catering we always have to stock up on kitchen necessities when we arrive. Tea, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, pasta, oil, stock cubes, laundry powder amongst other things are easily decanted into small containers and popped into our suitcases. This will cancel out all the plastic packaging that you would encounter if buying everything from scratch from a local supermarket.

4. be smart with toiletries

ditch the heavy shampoo in favour of a shampoo bar. Less space and lighter!

5. research bring-your-own options

research the local area for farmer’s markets and delis, take your reusable shopping bags and fill up with loose fruit, veg, bread and even milk.

6. take your reusables kit

when on the move make sure you take your reusable coffee cup and water bottle. Pop sets of bamboo cutlery and some metal straws into your handbag to stop the temptation to use plastic take away options. Pop a flannel in too for wiping sticky hands and faces when needed instead of using the dreaded wipes.

once there

7. resist disposables

if you have opted for a hotel, make sure to avoid the ubiquitous little bits of plastic, ie the milk pods, wrapped biscuits with your coffee, straws, cocktail stirrers, takeaway boxes and fruit juice in tetrapak containers.

8. recycle as you would at home

lastly, check out local recycling days and do your bit. All areas have different rules.

9. leave no trace

oh, and another thing – remember to scoop up discarded plastic from the beaches and woodlands that you visit, make it beautiful again.

most importantly, enjoy the privilege of travel and HAVE FUN!

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