unpckd creates less everyday waste

unpicking unpckd: a considered and consistent new identity We’re excited to share unpckd’s rebrand! It’s part of our evolution as a small social enterprise, in trying to find the right words and look to express ourselves, in consistently and clearly explain what we do and why.

the 5Rs: principles of Less Waste

  REFUSE AVOID BUYING UNSUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS Say no to anything that ends it's life in landfill. It's usefulness is temporary, it's existence may be permanent. Rethink: Do I really need this? Result: Using buying power to reduce production REDUCE BUY LESS, BUY QUALITY Reduce general consumption. Use well made, long...

spotlight on WATER FILTERS

Filtering without waste While tap water across the UK tends to be of a high standard, filtered water does remove a whole host of elements that are best avoided, from chlorine and limescale to heavy metals such as mercury, lead and dioxins. But how to avoid a plastic pile up in getting purer water?

spotlight on CRACKERS

Christmas crackers are almost obligatory around the table at Christmas time, but could this (wasteful) tradition be on its way out? More than 150 million crackers are pulled each festive season, but they have recently come under the spotlight for the fact that they often contain plastic toys that are thrown away (along with the remains of the pulled cracker) almost immediately afterwards.

spotlight on WRAPPING PAPER

Consumers in the UK will use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year – most of this will end up in our bins. It’s hard for most to imagine a gift without its decorative paper casing, despite the persuasive environmental arguments against wrapping paper. So why do we wrap and what are the alternatives?