the great plastic bag debate

Despite the Plastic Bag surcharge, the number of single-use bags sold by all large UK retailers in 2018/2019 was 1.1 billion. This figure doesn't account for sales of 'Bags for Life' which have become a significant proportion of supermarket plastic bag sales - more than their single-use equivalent... But what is worse, plastic bag waste or the impact of production of the paper or cotton alternatives? Did you know that plastic bags were invented to save the planet?

finding out about plastic-free waste-free beauty

'Plastic-Free Beauty Day' - completely arbitrary but got us thinking about the amount of plastic found in our bathroom cupboards and served as a good reminder to us about the amount of 'invisible' plastic in most cosmetic products.  We've done some scouring and found sustainable alternatives for 10 staple cosmetic products in your less waste daily routine - as well as a basic guide on how to spot those pesky plastics ingredients that may be hidden inside your favourite cosmetics...sorry! 

unpckd creates less everyday waste

unpicking unpckd: a considered and consistent new identity We’re excited to share unpckd’s rebrand! It’s part of our evolution as a small social enterprise, in trying to find the right words and look to express ourselves, in consistently and clearly explain what we do and why.

the 5Rs: principles of Less Waste

  REFUSE AVOID BUYING UNSUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS Say no to anything that ends it's life in landfill. It's usefulness is temporary, it's existence may be permanent. Rethink: Do I really need this? Result: Using buying power to reduce production REDUCE BUY LESS, BUY QUALITY Reduce general consumption. Use well made, long...