How to clean with a superstar refill: bicarbonate of soda

Kirsty FrenchApril 16, 2021

You will never again buy expensive cleaning products after learning about the skills of the very underrated sodium bicarbonate aka bicarbonate of soda. It a super gentle abrasive and a great natural deodoriser. It’s helpful in all sorts of cleanliness trouble spots!

7 easy swaps for tools for a plastic free cleaning routine

Tracey BanksApril 16, 2021

Now you’ve got your essential ingredients you will need the basic tools to work with. They are simple swaps that minimizes plastic usage from your cleaning routine which in turn will help reduce plastic in landfill as well as the number of microplastics that get washed down the sink. 

top 7 ingredients for easy natural, green and plastic free cleaning

Kirsty FrenchApril 16, 2021

So you've decided to have a go at a few easy DIY cleaning products - bravo! Here's a quick guide to the main ingredients you will need to get started: distilled white vinegar vinegar is the powerhouse in the cleaning cabinet. It has germ-killing properties, cuts grease and gets rid...

start cleaning green and plastic free with these 7 easy DIY recipes

Tracey BanksApril 16, 2021

Instantly replace 7 different cleaning products, their plastic bottles and potential toxins with these easy, effective and completely natural homemade recipes 1. Oven Cleaner 2. Citrus Disinfectant 3. Abrasive Cleaning Powder 4. Drain Un-blocker 5. Grout cleaner 6. Furniture polish 7. Glass & Window Cleaner

how plastic free and green is your cleaning?

Kirsty FrenchApril 16, 2021

By now we are, or should be, well versed in using reusable coffee cups and water bottles, but we don’t have to stop there. We can make a difference before we’ve even left the house. Take a look in your cupboard under your sink you will see a sea of plastic bottles housing your cleaning products. Tackle this next!

refill recipe: how to make CACAO NIBS into cacao energy balls

Tracey BanksMarch 19, 2021

Pure cacao nibs are naturally high in fibre, protein and healthy fats, yet low in sugar. They are also a brilliant plant-based source of iron; making it a great addition to the vegan diet. We've used cacao nibs to make these delicious cacao energy balls with just 4 other refill ingredients - no cooking needed, just add water!

reducing your carbon footprint: top tips from Anni Sander

Tracey BanksMarch 15, 2021

in order to get an understandable 101 on carbon footprints, we asked Hitchin-resident Anni Sander, project manager at Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Community Lead for Plastic-Free Hitchin, to help us cut through all the carbon jargon and give us top tips on where to start and how we can really make a difference.

waste not, want not….9 easy ways to less food waste

Kirsty FrenchMarch 12, 2021

we are all guilty of throwing away bad or leftover food on a regular basis. Two thirds of household waste in the UK is due to food spoilage. So, we have put together some top tips to help combat the rotting produce in landfill sites, thus reducing our contribution to climate change.

Food Rescue Hub, a community taking action on food waste

Tracey BanksMarch 12, 2021

Food Rescue Hub is an eco-community on a mission to rescue food from landfill. Founded by Emma Goulding in March 2019, the community has since made nearly 1500 collections totaling over 50,000kg of food. We asked her some questions to learn more about the hub and tap into her knowledge and experience in Food Waste.

recycling the unavoidable unrecyclables

Tracey BanksFebruary 27, 2021

whilst unpckd is all about less packaging and removing the need for recycling, there are just some things we use everyday for which there are currently no viable waste-free alternatives...we are going to offer a collection service for our customers for the aforementioned 'unavoidable unrecyclables' and deliver in bulk to collection points. We'll collect with your empties!

your Fairtrade product shopping guide

Tracey BanksFebruary 26, 2021

the power is in your hands Buying Fairtrade helps ensure that farmers and workers are receiving a fair price as well as helping their community invest in essential services such as workplace conditions and protection, education, sanitation and health care. Did you know that Fairtrade certification extends beyond bananas, tea and coffee? If not, read on...what can you buy 'Fairtrade' and where can you buy it?

a day full of zero waste ideas for your Valentines

Tracey BanksFebruary 12, 2021

Follow this plan for your most sustainable (and experience-filled) Valentines yet! Treat yourselves to some love sharing the sustainable, non-commercial, non-waste way. (gender neutral, everyday applicable, kids can join in!)

green resolutions ideas to reduce your carbon footprint in 2021

Kirsty FrenchJanuary 15, 2021

At the beginning of a new year, we all feel the need to better our lives, in many different ways. We promise ourselves to do more exercise, drink and eat less, be nicer to our children and save more money. Let’s not set ourselves unachievable goals and look towards greener resolutions instead. Not just to benefit us but to benefit the world.